Antiques Restoration – Sustainability Benefits!

You’ve inherited a chair from your late grandmother.

It looks tatty at the edges: the legs are scratched, the seat cover has frayed and there is a distinctly musty smell which reminds you of museums. Your options? Sell it; throw it; keep it. Of course, there is no benefit to throwing it away. Selling? Perhaps in its current state you may get a reasonable sum; instead you will purchase for yourself a modern chair, but where does that path take you? For two reasons you are at a disadvantage: firstly, you have lost what could have been a family heirloom – a prized antique, to be handed down through the generations. Secondly, you have missed an investment, and instead purchased a merely passing piece of furniture – which will likely be on a landfill site within ten years.

The solution?

Contact us for a no-obligation quote to re-upholster and restore the chair.

We would strip back the old fabric (finding a similar design/feel of fabric if desired) and repolish the frame, bringing out the true patina of the wood. Next the seat would be rebuilt, comfortable and full to the touch; finally it would be re-covered in the fabric of your choice. And then – the chair is ready for the next 100 years of use within your family, becoming both a well-loved piece of furniture, and a tax-free investment for the future!

We encounter pieces of furniture that came through two world wars; with loving care and restoration using original methods and materials, they’re ready to survive yet another century. So – concerned about preservation and sustainability? This post is for you! In the time the grandmother’s chair has been in existence, huge amounts of inferior counterparts have been made, using up valuable resources… huge amounts, because so often they ended up in landfill in just 5 years or so.

Which choice will you make?