A Welcome And A Look Beyond The Surface

Welcome to our new blog page! Here at SUS we’ve decided to start sharing some of the interesting facts and benefits of our work, in addition to behind-the-scenes images of work in progress – so you can understand a little more about what we do.

Firstly, we wanted to give you an insight into what’s beneath the surface of a durable piece of furniture. Note “durable” – because all chairs are not created equal! However glamorous the fabric covering, glory fades quickly if the build-up underneath is inferior. Time and use will always wear away at your furniture – but built well initially/re-upholstered properly, it will last a century; poorly or cheaply built, it will be uncomfortable within a few years. Here are some images to show what goes on behind the scenes.  This shows the recent re-upholstery of an antique, but whether we build furniture from scratch on raw wooden frames, or re-build and restore the glory of fading antiques, we ensure the build-up is sufficient to last for years.

Note the many layers of material:

  • Strong, best quality black & white Webbing (photo shows the seat from beneath)
  • Good quality metal Springs, secured into place
  • 15oz, strong Hessian
  • A fresh layer of new Horsehair
  • Another layer of strong Hessian, sewn into position
  • A new layer of Loose Lambswool
  • Plus a further layer of Fire Resistant Lambswool
  • Finally, Calico covers the fillings – the build-up of the chair seat is complete
  • Next step – the customer’s Fabric of choice will beautifully cover all of this – so much hidden beneath the surface (which to the uneducated eye, is the most beautiful part of the finished piece)

All beneath the cover! Compare that to a single layer of foam, atop wooden board… look ahead 10, 20, 50 years – which will you choose?