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Hospital Furniture London & Healthcare Suppliers 

With so many hospital furniture London area suppliers, which healthcare furniture is the best for a hospital? The NHS estimate that around 300,000 patients a year catch infections from inferior-quality hospital furniture. 

Hospital & Heath Centre furnishings need to incorporate different factors with users’ safety paramount. With importance focusing on eliminating visitors and staff catching infections from furnishings. 

The SUS Group based in Kent have innovative solutions with their furnishings designs and builds that are achieving results. 

You can rest assured when we supply furnishings to your establishment, not only are they durable, reliable and comfortable. They will not be harbouring any nasty infections or gems, due to the innovative fabrics and building materials we use. 

The SUS Group Healthcare Furniture Standards

We are renowned in the furniture industry for our craftsmanship. This ensures our hospital & healthcare furniture offers the highest quality, durability and reliability.

We understand the fast-changing medical world is focusing on hygiene solutions for healthcare furniture. The cutting-edge hygiene technology we incorporate into our furniture will dramatically reduce infection rates.

Importance of Hospital Furniture being Infection Free

Furniture with rips and holes in its upholstery is a breeding ground for germs and infections to multiply. Add this to furniture in hospital waiting rooms and healthcare centres, problems multiply rapidly.

No matter how much furniture is sanitised if it’s been manufactured from unsuitable materials, infections will not go away. 

Bacteria & Fluid Resistant Hospital Furniture

Furniture for healthcare establishments, to be bacteria-fluid resistant needs to be made from fabrics that have superior anti-microbial properties. At SUS Group this is our main aim with all of our furnishings. 

Innovative Hygiene Safe Hospital Furniture

A hospital bed that is seamless, has a waterproof cover with an in-built pillow. Furniture like this is so much easier to sanitise and prevents bacteria growth. 

At SUS Group we envisage all future NHS furniture including the furniture in the Royal London Hospital being manufactured to these innovative standards.

Our Hospital & Healthcare Furnishings

SUS Group has an innovative approach when it comes to design, comfort, durability and hygiene all with easy cleaning when it comes to hospital furnishings. 

Key Elements

  • Innovative build quality 
  • Use of materials & fabrics with superior hygiene qualities
  • Furnishing made with easy to clean & sanitise properties
  • Accessibility of the latest anti-microbial fabrics & materials 

Superior Hygiene Quality Hospital & Healthcare Furniture 

Within healthcare environments, it’s important that all furniture for hospitals is made from materials that don’t harbour germs. 

All the furniture manufactured by The SUS Group with their experience within the hospital & medical furniture industry is of the highest standard. 

We Supply the Best Hospital & Healthcare Furniture 

Our furniture collection suitable for hospitals and healthcare centres such as The Royal London Hospital consist of

  • Waiting Room Chairs
  • Treatment beds & couches
  • Bedside Cabinets
  • Hospital Beds to accommodate inpatients
  • Lockers & Cabinets
  • Hospital Chairs
  • Gynaecologist chairs
  • Dental Chairs
  • Lift and Wheel Chairs

All materials and fabrics used to manufacture hospital furnishings have superior quality and anti-bacterial properties. This ensures the health safety of hospitals or healthcare visitors and staff alike.

We Supply Medical Furniture across London and the UK

If you need further information on our services to hospitals around London and the UK, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you are part of the UK’s national health service or a private London hospital. You can rest assured we will have furniture that is medically suitable for your healthcare centre or hospital. 

We look forward to hearing from you and working closely with your hospital or healthcare organisation.